Louisville’s David Clark featured in Runners World

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David Clark of Louisville, CO has been featured in the online pages of Runner’s World as one of seven dramatic weight-loss stories. Runner’s World originally learned about his story after his Quad Boston effort in April (running 104.8 miles along the marathon course back and forth, twice) for The Superman Project, a crusade he launched in 2011 to inspire people struggling with obesity, addiction, or any trauma to reinvent themselves as athletes.

In 2005, Clark had lost an $8 million mattress company, weighed 320 pounds, was pre diabetic, and had blood pressure so dangerously high that his doctor said, “You may have a stroke within the hour.” To get through the day, he relied on Vicodin, Percocet, or codeine—chased with Johnny Walker. The father of two realized he needed to reshape his lifestyle, for himself and his son and daughter. “Every single morning I’d say, ‘I quit,’“ says Clark. “Only one day, I meant it.” Clark’s journey to become sober coincided with the start of his running. In August of 2005, he returned to the gym where he had been an absent member for 10 years and ran on the treadmill. Clark only made it 15 seconds, but he embraced the challenge to become a runner. Today, Clark weighs 160 pounds, owns his own gym (Snap Fitness in Louisville, Colorado), adheres to a mostly vegan diet, and has completed 29 ultramarathons.

“Running has brought balance into my life,” Clark says. “It’s brought me back to the things I almost lost. Now, I can be that father, that person I’ve always wanted to be.”

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Clark penned a best selling book on Amazon –  Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery and you can follow his adventures on all things social.

Be on the lookout for more of David’s adventures as as a contributor on  Boulder Running. Although not immediately as he is currently at the Consumer Electronic Show where he is running 4 “marathons” in 4 days on the treadmill at the Kaui Wear booth.

David Clark is running 4 "Marathons" in 4 days at the CES Show

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