Tyler Mueller and the Tinmen of Boulder

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In the aftermath of 2016 Summer Olympics, Boulder felt a surge of new talent in the bubble, athletes looking for something fresh in their next training cycle. Among those, were five athletes who came together to form the Tinman Elite. Start with CU standout Morgan Pearson, who was being coached post-collegiately by Tom “Tinman” Schwartz.  (*Pearson has since moved to AZ to compete in Triathlon)

After an early summer campaign in Europe in 2017, Drew Hunter, who smashed Alan Webb’s 3:58 High School Mile Record moved to Boulder alongside Pearson and was eventually to be followed by then-recent graduates, Reed Fischer and also-previously-retired Sam Parsons.

Tyler Mueller also moved to Boulder post Olympic trials to regain focus, was riddled with injury and the struggled of finding meaning in the sport he loves.

Citius Mag recently published a couple of great pieces on this newly formed TEAM Tinman Elite. Check out the articles and the podcast below. Who knows we may even see a few at the West End 3k on Thursday night.

In an age of groups, clubs and projects in professional running discerned, often solely, by a single sponsor or coach, the Boulder-based, Tom “Tinman” Schwartz led team insists that they are, in fact, exactly that: “not a group, social movement or track club” but a team. And who could find fault with this?

With a 2017 Club National Championship in Lexington, Kentucky last December and all of its athletes qualifying to the 2018 USA Outdoor Track and Field National Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, Tinman Elite has staked its claim of being one of the highest caliber teams in a crowded Boulder and one of the most genuine on the national scene. – Citius Mag

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Talking With The Tinmen – A Live Chat With Drew Hunter, Sam Parsons, Reed Fischer, Tyler Mueller and Tom Schwartz