BolderBoulder celebrates Sub 40 runners with Tee Shirt giveaway

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Will you be part of the Sub-40 Club?

Setting goals and competing against yourself and others is what running the BolderBoulder is all about. Some are hoping to place their age group, others are hoping to beat their time from previous years and others are just looking to finish their first race. 

This year all runners who ran 39:59 or better (That’s 6:26 per mile pace) will receive an exclusive Sub 40 Club Tee Shirt, available to pick up at the expo after the race. If you have risen to the challenge, bring your bib to the expo just south of Folsom Field. These shirts are only available on race day!

You can text 66196 to find out your instant results.

Last year at the Peachtree Road Race 10k the largest in the country 462 people ran under 40 minutes (20 of those ran under 30 minutes). By comparison, A little over 500 runners in the 2012 Bolder Boulder ran under 40 minutes for the 10k, not including the elites in the International Competition. And that’s at elevation!

Flaunt your well deserved ‘trophy’ by sharing a photo on twitter or instagram by tagging it with #sub40!

Get your Sub 40 tshirt at the expo on race day

Get your Sub 40 t-shirt at the expo on race day only.

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