How to qualify for the BolderBoulder

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How do you host 50,000 runners and create an event that feels both intimate and competitive at the same time – create about 100 separate smaller races, or waves, that allow everyone to go off with a gun start and finish at their own pace. The first 31 waves of the the BolderBOULDER are reserved for runners who predict to finish the Memorial Day 10k faster than 1 hour and 8 minutes. In order to be seeded in these waves, you will need proof that you can run that fast.

The fastest of all qualifying waves is the coveted A wave in which runners need to run faster than a 38 minute 10k or equivalent time. If you can run between a 38:00 – 41:00 10k time or equivalent you will be in the AA wave. From there the waves start to squeeze down the time span closer to 45 seconds in the final qualifying waves. 59:01 – 59:45 will put you in the EH wave for example.

If you are not planning on finishing faster than 70 minutes or 11:16 per mile you do not need to provide proof but you can still seed yourself in a Non-Qualified running wave based on how fast you think you may run it. If you are looking to just experience the race with friends and family you can sign up for any of the Jogging Waves (11:16 – 14:29 per mile) or any of the later walking waves.

There are four ways to prove your BolderBOULDER Qualifier or “BBQ”.

  1. Be placed automatically with your time from last years’ 2017 BolderBoulder.
  2. Be placed automatically with your time from last years’ ColderBoulder.
  3. Take the treadmill test. You can run a 2 mile test on a treadmill to prove if you are worthy at the BolderBoulder store in the 29th Street Mall (opens April 24) or the SportsExpo on Memorial Day weekend.
  4. Show proof of your time from any previous race in the last year, any distance between 2 miles and the marathon. The BolderBOULDER has a conversion grid of how times for other distances convert to 10K times and the corresponding BolderBOULDER waves.

Check out a list of upcoming official BolderBoulder qualifying races below.

Qualify for the Bolder Boulder 10k with these Boulder 5k races. BolderBOULDER qualifier

The Title 9k race held May 8 in Boulder, is just one of the races that can be used to qualify for the Bolder Boulder 10k.

Upcoming BolderBOULDER Qualifying Races

Other Bolder Boulder Official Qualifying races

  • Resolve 5K/10K
  • Le Cours de L’ Amour 5K/10K
  • Lucky Laces 5K/10K
  • Father’s Day 5K/10K
  • Sand Creek Half Marathon, 5K/10K
  • Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K
  • Run to Beat Pancreatic Cancer
  • High Line Canal Run 5k/10k
  • Columbine Classic
  • Annual Miles for Moms 5k
  • Oskar Blues Brewery/Rocky Mountain Brew Run
  • The Gift of Life and Breath Race

Virtually any timed race may be used as a qualifying race and you can find more on Colorado Runner Magazine‘s running race calendar.

2 thoughts on “How to qualify for the BolderBoulder”

  1. Shawna Lawson says:

    What does it take to become a qualifying race for the Bolder Boulder? How can my high school’s 10K fundraiser meet the guidelines to be a qualifier race?

    1. BoulderRunner says:

      Hi Shawna, the BolderBOULDER just released their submission form for this year. “Qualifying races are any timed road race over two miles that posts results online. As a qualifying race, you agree to promote your event as a qualifier for the BolderBOULDER in at least two social media post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All qualifier races will be promoted on BolderBOULDER social media pages two weeks prior to your event as well as listed on the BolderBOULDER website.”

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