Johnson, Dock, take Bolder Boulder Citizen’s top spots

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BolderBoulder A wave start Photo by Peter N. Jones Overnight rain clouds gave way to blue skies, and the slight morning breeze calmed for ideal conditions for the 2016 Bolder Boulder Citizen’s race at 7am Monday morning. While Jesus may have been noticeably missing at the start line this year, dozens of other runners in costume, like Mr. Bananna, challenged the lead, looking to take their 15 minutes of fame (or 2-3 minutes depending on their overall stamina). But before the runners got to the first kilometer mark on Valmont, the pretenders had been overtaken by those serious about becoming the first into the stadium. This is the usual fanfare for the start of the Bolder Boulder where over 52,000 people registered for the race. The rest follow in qualifying waves with individual starts, according to past race performance.

It was 28-year-old Brandon Johnson who was able to break the field as he surged through the streets of downtown to put about 15-second gap on the rest of the field. Through mile 5 he was able to increase the gap to finish comfortably in front with a time of 30:33. The race for the next top spots was in hot contention, Ian ButlerScott Dahlberg, and Paul Roberts ran within 1 second of each other, finishing 31:07, 31:08, and 31:09 respectively. Paul Roberts, age 18, of Lyons just finished a strong high school career winning his third state title in the 3,200 meter run.

On the women’s side it was 34-year-old Melissa Dock, who finished in 35:43, to take the top spot for the women. Alexis Wilbert and Maggie Callahan rounded out the top 3 spots running 35:56 and 36:10.

Quick stats for the A wave (as reported to us):

  • 28 states
  • 2 countries
  • 47 registered women
  • 566 registered men
  • 502 finishers
  • 348 participants ran Sub 40 minutes earning them the coveted Sub 40 Tee shirt

After the A wave follows a sea of runners, young and old, in costume or not, out to have fun or run as fast as they can. There are as many stories as there are runners out there. Just two of those stories come in the shape of the likes of Laura Bruess who crushed the 55yr old All-time record today. Her time was 40:39, the previous record was 41:32 set last year by Nina Caron. Her recent improvement comes from the workouts from her coach (husband Rick) and her recent retirement which grants her the opportunity to take better care of herself with less stress. She is looking to capture the Master’s 10k track record later this summer.

The last person to finish the Citizen's race this morning was 90-year-old Jim McConnell. He finished with his supportive family and granddaughters.

The last person to finish the Citizen’s race this morning was 90-year-old Jim McConnell. He finished with his supportive family and granddaughters.

Photos from the finish of the Bolder Boulder

Results for the Bolder Boulder Citizen’s Race


Brandon Johnson 28 Denver 30:34
Ian Butler 24 Lakewood 31:08
Scott Dahlberg 31 Fort Collins 31:09
Paul Roberts 18 Longmont 31:10
Tanner Fruit 27 Colorado Springs 31:41
Tyler McCandless 29 Boulder 32:06
Jeremy Drenckhahn 25 Colorado Springs 32:11
Nicholas Boehlke 32 Denver 32:15
Paxton Smith 18 Littleton 32:26
Ricardo Kaempfen 21 Fort Collins 32:28


Melissa Dock 34 Boulder 35:44
Alexis Wilbert 31 Colorado Springs 35:57
Maggie Callahan 27 Boulder 36:11
Krystalanne Curwood 30 Boulder 36:13
Audrey Lookner 17 Louisville 36:28
Brie Oakley 17 Centennial 36:43
Amanda Scott 28 Boulder 37:07
Malia Crouse 31 Edgewater 37:17
Nell Rojas 28 Boulder 37:18
Emma Kenyon 28 Broomfield 37:31

Full Results for the Citizen’s A wave.

Searchable results for the Bolder Boulder.

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