Photos: 2017 BolderBOULDER Citizens race

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The 2017 BolderBoulder was host to one of the more competitive citizen’s races in recent history. Brandon Johnson was looking to repeat his win from last year but Barnabas Kosgei wasn’t having any of it.  After missing the official start he spent the first mile catching up to the lead pack. Then put on a surge at mile 5 to create the gap he needed for the win with a time of 30:00 gun time (his chip time is about 15 seconds faster, but official win times are based on the gun, not chip). In the women’s race, Lauren Martin, set a strong steady pace from the beginning. By mile 2 she pushed the lead and with a much faster mile 5 secured her victory with a time of 34:55. Fun and frivolity followed.

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Photos by Peter N. Jones

2017 Bolder Boulder citizens race

2017 Bolder Boulder citizens race