Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Volunteer Recap

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6 Responses

  1. georgezack says:

    That last hill on the flyover was just horrible for the marathoners.

    Nicely done on getting out there and pacing the finishers!

  2. Great report! You were a few minutes in front of me. That last out/back was a bit grim. The out seemed worse than the back, however.

  3. JP says:

    Couln’t agree with George more. Although, I put half the blame on me for not previewing the course and knowing it was there. I’ll never do another marathon (this was my first) without knowing the ins and outs of the final 10k. Man, can we bottle that weather and bring it with us to the next marathon? That was perfect!

  4. Previewing the course is always a good idea, but it was your first and we will forgive you your sins JP. Agreed the weather was perfect!

    Other thoughts on the new Rock ‘n’ Roll experience?

  5. georgezack says:

    Given you may have run this mile more than anyone … check this out:

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