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As we recently controlled the on-screen presentation behind the scenes at the Fourth Annual Boulder Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony we admired the depth and breadth of talented individuals who
were highlighted on the bright front-lit screen. Standing on stage were athletes who had attained the
pinnacle of achievement in their individual sports; climbing, triathlon, cycling and running. These and
numerous other elite athletes have made Boulder their home and as this year’s inductee for running
Benji Durden quipped, back in Atlanta he was “the news,” but here in Boulder, he was “just one of the

From its earliest beginnings, Boulder has inspired. Beginning with the Native Americans who would hold
running and horse races each summer to the Chautauquan women who carved out the earliest of trails
following the wildlife paths, Boulder has inspired people to get outside and push themselves. Gaining
momentum in 1971 when Frank Shorter moved here to train, this athletic inspiration is steeped in the
geography, the silt, the DNA of the land. There is a running history along virtually every dirt road, trail,
track, and grass fi eld. Tap into that history, the collective footsteps of those who have blazed the trail
before you, and find what inspires you.

Athletes of all abilities and from around the globe come to Boulder to train, to live, and to build
community along the way. Inspiring one another, and in turn inspiring the rest of us. We are all inspired
in this place, with the landscapes, the people, and the stories we tell.

From the track to the trail, the road to the mountaintop, the mile to the ultra and all that is in between,
we are connected in that we love to run, to challenge ourselves and each other.

We are a connected community sharing stories, adventures, personal emotions, races and more through social media, film, and blogs. The Boulder Running Journal is just another outlet for us to share these stories. A collective. A year in review. We aim to inspire through personal stories, photographs, race results – anything that touches on the human spirit.

Do the most with what you have, whether you are a budding semi-elite athlete aiming for a PR or just
hoping to be more active and complete your first 5K. We each aim to push ourselves and to venture into
the unknown, beyond our boundaries.

Continue to be inspired by those around you, and in turn inspire others to continue on their quest.
Everyday we are inspired by the people around us. The smiles, the hard efforts, the personal stories.
In order to grow, we need to defi ne new limits, venture into the unknown, fi nd comfort in discomfort,
pushing beyond our boundaries to new levels. For us, this journal is a manifestation in that.

We have been inspired over the years by everyone that has been part of the Boulder community, and we
hope that this journal inspires you.



This post appears in the new book, the Boulder Running Journal. An annual celebration of the eclectic running culture, people and places of Boulder. Featuring over 200 full color photos in 186 pages, the Journal will soon be available in local running stores and is available now on, ready to order for the perfect gift for the holidays.

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