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Its been a long year.
Over the last 16 months I’ve been through stress fractures in each foot and now a broken collarbone.

In between the injuries I took my workouts as they came. Water running, elliptical trainers, a run here, a bike ride there. No real plan, just glad to be out on the roads and trails again. Making the best of it: #injurylemonade as we fondly called it on the twitterweb.

The lack of focus on any particular goal had its freedoms. I could reconnect to the sport I love and find the zen again. It made way for expanding my circles, to connect with folks I normally wouldn’t have made the time to in my self-proclaimed busy schedule. Meetups for #lunchruns, group runs on the weekends, and developing friendships while exploring new roads on the bike were a treasured contrast to my solo training.

As Colorado’s Fall quickly passes and Winter soon approaches, and I still have at least six weeks till full recovery of my collarbone, I can’t help but think that its time to put something on the calendar for Spring. Something that can pull me through the winter months, warm me by stoking the fire.

A big city marathon somewhere warm and at sea level would be ideal, but I can’t sell short the thrill of running fast again in May for the BolderBoulder 10k.

The next step will be to devising the plan on which to build my fitness. I am sure a well balanced mix of the cross training tools I learned throughout the past year.

But for now, I am just anxious to start.

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