Trails & Beer: Scott Jurek – Pawnee Pass & Avery IPA

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Part of the Trails & Beer: A Perfect Pair series where we asked local runners about their favorite places to run and to pair it with the beer in which they celebrate post-run. 


[box type=”note” size=”large” icon=”none”]The Runner: Scott Jurek
The Trail: Pawnee Pass in Indian Peaks Wilderness
The Beer: Avery IPA[/box]

“The Pawnee Pass Trail in the Indian Peaks Wilderness has to be paired with an Avery IPA, you have stout mountains and you just feel you are in rugged wilderness, which you are.”

“Pawnee Pass is a good one and great as a recommendation because its the kind of grade where you can run it even though you are between 9, 11 and up to 12,000 feet.”

“As far as local, one of my favorites is Bear Canyon. I just love the views, I think its a great trail, its more runnable than say Gregory Canyon and the Ranger Trail which are great trails but some people just can’t run that its just so steep and you are at altitude. The other one would be the Old Mesa Route, which is that old strip of trail along the south of the current Mesa Trail, that heads into Eldorado Canyon (be careful as you cross the private property)”.

“I’m not super picky, I am more into food, I appreciate a good beer but not like it has to be this or that.  Not picky about trails either, as long as I have some good single track to cruise on”.

“I’ve learned over the years that you have to be happy about where you are running. Look at tonight (running at the BRC fun run), we are out jogging on the bike path, but you just find the dirt where you can. You have to find your happiness on the trail, no matter which trail it is.”

Scott Jurek, an accomplished ultra runner who won the Western States 100 7 times in a row, was introduced to the general public as a key figure in Christopher McDougal’s book Born To Run. Scott has since written his own book Eat & Run and has just introduced his signature line of everyday essential running pieces with Ultimate Direction.

Avery’s Taphouse is located at 5763 Arapahoe Ave. Unit E Boulder, CO 80303 and serves grill style food from 11:30 am – 9 pm.

Bear Canyon Trail

View from the Bear Canyon Trail

The Bear Canyon Trail is located just south of NCAR and can be accessed from the Bear Canyon Trailhead or via the Mesa Trail just minutes from downtown Boulder.

The Pawnee Pass Trail can be accessed 13 miles north of Nederland on Colorado Highway 72 at the Long Lake Trailhead. It’s about an hour drive from downtown Boulder. From the trailhead its 8.1 miles one way up to Pawnee Pass. Below is a map 4 miles up to Lake Isabella and back.

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