Trails & Beer: The Perfect Pairing

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Trails & Beer

Enjoying a great run and a great beer often go hand in hand. It can be about the journey, enjoying each step and sip, getting to know the subtleties and complexities of each, some appeal to a distinct palette, others are smooth and refreshing and appealing enough to enjoy every day. We enjoy both  to get away from hustle of city life and to connect in conversation with old friends and new.

Some runners enjoy the craft the night before they compete, as is fabled in Frank Shorter consuming a pint or two before winning the Gold Medal in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Others consume as part of the competition like in the Beer Mile. Many gather to consume and share stories immediately afterwards a run or a race like the local Hash House Harriers or fun runs at Connor O’Neals, Walnut Brewery and Avery Brewing Company.

The quality of craft beer in Boulder Country is as bountiful and award winning as its amazing trail network provided by Boulder Country Open Space and Mountain Parks. So we took to asking fellow runners what their favorite trails are and paired them with a great beer to celebrate with post-run.

Trails and Breweries

  1. Scott Jurek – Bear Canyon, Pawnee Pass / Avery IPA
  2. Ryan Van Duzer – Wonderland Lake and North Boulder Trails / Upslope Lager
  3. Rich Castro – 3 choices depending on your mood.
  4. Buzz Burrell – Flagstaff Mtn. / O’Dells 90 Shilling

Be sure to check back from time to time as we add to the list. If you have a favorite trail/run and beer pairing that you would like to share, comment below.

If are looking for the perfect spot to start your run, here is a list of trails and trailheads in Boulder, CO.

Map of Boulder’s Local Breweries

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