Winter Running Gloves for Smartphones and iPods

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We are fortunate in Boulder and the plains of Colorado that running in winter time can sometimes mean running shorts and t-shirts even in February. But as this isn’t often the norm its nice to find a product that allows you to run with your iPhone, smartphone, or ipod touch or any other touch and keep your hands warm. I’ve worked through several solutions of my own last winter; Cutting a hole in one of the fingers of my gloves, and trying to wrangle your glove off with your other gloved hand while running so you can change a song, or view your progress on your smart phone is not exactly ideal.

Along come conductive silver gloves – Agloves.

Agloves work with iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphones, and all other touch screen devices

While Jean Spencer was doing a journalism internship in D.C. last winter, she also quickly realized that her normal gloves didn’t work with her new iPhone. A few products had come out last year to address this issue, but only offered a touch sensitivity in one or two fingers of the gloves.

So Spencer and her mom, an local avid runner, set out to create their own. By summer they were researching fabrics, testing prototypes even doing their own conductivity tests. They found that silver turned out to be the most conductive of all. Agloves are made with silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the entire glove so you can use all of your fingers or your entire hand to control your music, text or get stats from your favorite running application.

Timing is everything

Released just in time for holiday shopping lists, Spencer uses her writing and social media networking skills to get the word out about Agloves and its paying off.

“Social media the fastest way for small companies to talk about their products” Spencer noted.

By going to local meetups like the #BOCC, they have already made quite the stir with the local startup community in Boulder and were featured (and quickly sold out) on Brad Feld’s Amazing Deals blog. The message has even reached Gizmodo and 9 News Denver.

The test

“You sort of have to feel them to believe them” says Spencer, and she is right. The gloves are well made, fit nicely and feel soft and comfy. The seams at the tips of the fingers are small and don’t get in the way when interacting with your touch screen device.

I took them out for a run starting at Chautauqua. The start was chilly and I was comfortable in the gloves, but as the run progressed, the weather moved in and I was running in rain and light snow by the end. Even then my hands stayed relatively warm in comparison to knit gloves I’ve worn in the past.

According to Agloves, this is because silver is also a natural thermal regulator, and distributes the heat of the entire hand throughout the gloves keeping your fingers warm, even in the coldest weather.

A great holiday gift!

Agloves are priced right at $17.99 which is on par with other ordinary liners or gloves. They would make a perfect gift for any of your running (and cycling) tech-loving friends and family.

I keep finding excuses to wear mine, even on my short walks to the bus for work. Personally I think its awesome to see smart products coming from our community and makes me feel good to Buy Local.


Gotta love the logo too!

Purchase them online at, Follow the love on twitter @theAgloves and facebook.

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