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Coalton Trailhead, Meadowlark Trail now open completing Dirty Bismarck loop 1

Coalton Trailhead, Meadowlark Trail now open completing Dirty Bismarck loop

The Boulder County Transportation and Parks and Open Space departments, along with the Town of Superior, have announced that the Coalton Trailhead and the new Meadowlark Trail at McCaslin Boulevard and Coalton Road are now open.

Biker along the Meadowlark Trail 2

Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail

The well groomed Mayhoffer-Singletree trail ambles through the natural grasslands of Boulder County open space offering views of the eastern valley and the front range peaking over the rolling hills to the west. With less than a hundred feet of gain, the trail is easy and fun to navigate on bike or foot.

Running with kids and a stroller 3

9 Great Trails for Running with Kids and Stroller

Running with kids is a great way to get your exercise in and expose them to the brave new world. While the trails closer to the foothills can be rocky, narrow and too bumpy for little ones, trails along the plains tend to be smoother, wider and flat with relatively little elevation gain. Here are a few trails that work well for strollers.

Meyer’s Homestead Trail 0

Meyer’s Homestead Trail

The 8.5mi trail loop at Walker Ranch is a local favorite for Mountain Biking and trail running due to its technical and scenic trail and to its proximity to Downtown Boulder. But the often overlooked Meyer’s Homestead Trail, adjacent to the parking area for Walker Ranch, can offer a quiet and splendid experience for those looking to run something a little less traveled.

Post Thanksgiving Fun Run » In-Step 0

Post Thanksgiving Fun Run » In-Step

In-Step is planning an After Thanksgiving Fun Run from the In-Step store to start at 9am on Friday, November 27th. The plan is to have a 5k distance starting and ending at in-step, followed by a 15 minute core class.

Turkey Trot Season 0

Turkey Trot Season

Turkey Trot season kicks off this weekend with 2 of the area’s highly competitive races. But, you don’t have to be competitive to join in the fun. Turkey Trot races are a great way to kick off a healthy start to the holiday season.

Snow Run – You gotta get out! 2

Snow Run – You gotta get out!

It seems in Boulder we have been waiting all year for it to snow. There have several false starts to our snowy season, but its been light at best. Until now. The social network has been all a twitter with updates about the snow. All the discussion was getting me pumped to get out.

Big Dry Creek East Westminster 2

Big Dry Creek East Westminster

With the wind at my back and fresh legs the Big Dry Creek trail lulled me into a false sense of fitness. My legs turned over quickly and my breath was barely audible as I relaxed into the pace.

World Run Day: Nov 8, 2009 0

World Run Day: Nov 8, 2009

Hundreds of runners in the USA have posted their running routes, charity beneficiaries, in preparation for the International Day of Running held November 8th this year.

Wonderland Lake Lollipop from Fleet Feet Boulder 0

Wonderland Lake Lollipop from Fleet Feet Boulder

The Fleet Feet Sports Fun run often does this 5.6 mile loop up around Wonderland Lake. A great run from downtown, or use it to connect to more trails to the North.

Saturday Morning Social 1

Saturday Morning Social

I often run alone, so when my wife informed me she wasn’t going to join her regular Saturday morning running group, I was excited of the opportunity to get out and be social.

Perhaps Winter IS Here 0

Perhaps Winter IS Here

In the past few days we have had drizzly snow, then warm again and today meets with snow. There was enough of the white stuff to get everyone excited and lead to many great...