CU Buffs Men 3-peat Pac-12 Title

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Men's Race

CU Men lead through the first few laps of the Pac-12 Champs in Boulder
Photo: Dave Albo – View more photos on his Flickr page

In front of a home crowd of thousands of fans and esteemed Alumni, the CU Buffs Men took the Pac-12 team title for the third straight year on Saturday Nov. 2, 2013 at the Coal Creek Golf Course in Louisville, CO.

CU impressed the field by placing all five of its scorers in the top nine, going 3-4-5-7-9. Blake Theroux led the Buffs with a third-place finish, his best conference finish ever.  He crossed the finish line in 24:47 and was just five seconds behind Stanford’s Jim Rosa who clocked a runner-up finish in 24:42. Oregon’s Edward Cheserek won the 8-kilometer race in 24:36.

Shalaya Kipp led the women with an eighth-place finish, crossing the line in 21:33. The women’s team ran strong and finished 2nd overall to Arizona.

“Sometimes you cross the finish line and it’s not really where you hope to be, but I am so proud of our team today,” Kipp said. “Being second to No. 1 Arizona is phenomenal. We were within six points of them. We had a lot of girls step up and give it their all. The crowd was great. It was so loud. I didn’t even realize I was going up hills because all of the spectators were lining the hills. It was a great day.”

Stanford’s Aisling Cuffe took home the individual title in 21:04.

You couldn’t have asked for a better day for racing cross country in Colorado. The morning was frosty and chilly but warmed up nicely as the sun came up warming the air before the start of the men’s race at 10:40 am.


Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson jog the course in the early morning

Alumni and Olympians Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson jog the course before the crowds


Men’s Race Highlights

Watch more video of Pac-12 Cross Country Championships 2013 on

There are some great interviews on of Mark Wetmore, team leader Blake Theroux and Shalaya Kipp post race.



Coal Creek Golf Course (Louisville, Colo.)

Men’s 8k Team Results

1.  Colorado 28; 2. Oregon 54; 3.  Stanford, 79; 4. Arizona State, 140; 5. Washington, 142; 6. Washington State, 151; 7. UCLA, 152; 8. Arizona, 194; 9. California, 220.

Men’s 8k Individual Results (top 10 Individuals)

1. Edward Cheserek, UO, 24:36; 2. Jim Rosa, SU, 24:42; 3. Blake Theroux, CU, 24:47; 4. Connor Winter, CU, 24:49; 5. Ben Saarel, CU, 24:53; 6. Parker Stinson, UO, 24:56; 7. Pierce Murphy, CU, 25:00; 8. Aaron Nelson, UW 25:01; 9. Ammar Moussa, CU, 25:15; 10. Mac Fleet, UO, 25:23.

Other CU Finishers:
18. Morgan Pearson, 25:42; 26. Dillon Shije, 25:56; 37. Zach Perrin, 26:16; 46. David Kilgore, 26:23.

Women’s 6k Team Results

1.  Arizona, 69; 2. Colorado, 75; 3. Washington, 111; 4. Oregon, 113; 5. Stanford, 1306. Arizona State, 139, 7. UCLA, 175; 8. Utah, 207; 9. California, 215; 10. Washington State, 262; 11. Oregon State, 271; 12. USC, 347.

Women’s 6k Individual Results (top 10 Individuals)

1. Aisling Cuffe, SU, 21:04; 2. Elvin Kibet, UA, 21:15; 3. Kelsey Santisteban, Cal, 21:18; 4. Shelby Houlihan, ASU, 21:19; 5. Kayla Beattie, UA, 21:20; 6. Nicci Corbin, UA, 21:23; 7. Kelsey Smith, UCLA, 21:27; 8. Shalaya Kipp, CU, 21:33; 9. Jessica Tonn, SU, 21:37; 10. Carrie Verdon, CU, 21:42.

Other CU Finishers:
13. Erin Clark, 21:59; 14. Melanie Nun, 22:09; 30. Catrina McAlister, 22:40; 31. Elizabeth Tremblay, 22:43; 36. Maddie Alm, 22:51; 41. Abbey Levene, 23:02; 48. Courtney Bouchet, 23:17; 52. Jenny Desouchet, 23:25



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