Meet Boulder’s Top Runners at Bolder Boulder events this week

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  1. Courtney W says:

    I was wondering if I could post an upcoming 5k on here, it’s June 25,2016. Called Eye Love Logan, it’s to benefit RDH12 genetic mutations that take the sight away from toddlers, making them progressively blind, until they have no sight left (which occurs late teens to early twenties). I don’t have a child who suffers from it, but my daughter has two friends in her class that are siblings, both have been diagnosed with it. One was born with it (Logan who just turned five), and his sister just got her diagnosis in February (she is two). Obviously this is hard for the mom, and because I used to do this in the military I took over while she attends appointments. If we can get enough people to come out (there will be food trucks, Monster Drinks, bands, a silent auction, face painting, balloon animals and much much more!!) we can send the majority of the kids in the world (less then 70) to clinical trials that are ready this fall. It’s a great cause to support! I hope to see some of you guys out there!!

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