Running with the Whole Body

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Rediscover how to run powerfully and pain-free. This is a class of gentle movement exploration designed to help you clarify and improve what your brain already knows about how to coordinate your whole body to walk and run with optimal efficiency. Much of our discomfort when running or walking comes from having an unbalanced workload. Discover, through developing clear lines of communication between brain and body with the movements in class, what parts of you are being asked to do more than than they are designed to, and restore healthy, balanced function to your running and walking stride.

Run and walk with less effort and more JOY!


When: Tuesdays, 7:15 to 8:30 pm, for 8 weeks, from September 29 to November 17 at Fleet Feet Boulder

Cost: $10.00/class. For the first month, commit to 3 classes, get the 4th class free.

Instructor: Melody Fairchild is a former professional runner and Fleet Feet employee who has applied the lessons she has learned from 10 years of study in Cortical Field Re-education, a work based on the Feldenkrais Method, to create her current high level of joy experienced when running and walking and would love to facilitate your discovery of such joy as well.

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Contact: melodygfairchild @, 303-818-8063

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