Free Talk on Resistance Stretching and Running Form

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Thursday, October 15 at 7:15 pm at Fleet Feet

Discover how to combine resistance stretching techniques with improvements to your running form to boost your performance and prevent injuries. The resistance stretching technique has proven to be an effective tool for not only lengthening tissue but also for building strength and developing better musculoskeletal firing patterns.

Join speakers Janet Runyan and Matt Nasta who will discuss:

* What resistance stretching can do
* Specifics on what it takes to change your form
* How the two go together to completely upgrade your running
* An upcoming running workshop

Please RSVP to the FREE talk by calling Fleet Feet at 303.939.8000

Matt Nasta currently works with the CU runners and is a Certified
Rolfer, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, and has an extensive background in Pilates. Matt has also completed the training with Innovative Body Solutions who work with Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres. To learn more, visit

Running form coach Janet Runyan is a nationally ranked ultra-distance runner whose goals have served as motivation and inspiration for improving her whole life through athletic pursuits. Janet’s specialty is helping people to improve their running form. She has worked with hundreds of elite and recreational runners over the past 15 years to improve their running form with profound results. For more info, visit

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