Fun Run: Boulder Running Company Sunday AM Sanitas Run

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Joining a local fun run is a great way to get motivated to get out the door, meet new people and to see new trails or parts of town you may not normally run. This is the first of a series where we visit different fun runs throughout the year and report back to give you a sense of the myriad of options out there. If you know of a fun run we should visit, please add in the comments below.

This week we headed out with the Sunday Sanitas Fun Run with the Boulder Running Company. Pearl Izumi was there this week so that runners could demo its N2 trail running shoe. Note: Having a shoe company represented at the fun runs so you can try on new models is pretty standard in the area. The core group was small, probably due to new year holiday, and was led by avid trail runners Ryan Lassen and Hillary Allen. They have a no drop policy which means that at critical junctures the group would wait to come back together so that everyone can find their way. I was able to meet a few new people and reconnect with others all while having some great conversations. In particular on the last leg of the route, I was able to chat with Hillary about her conservative and long term approach to training for ultras amidst the current trend of top ultra runners falling out of the running scene due to injuries and overtraining.


  • Sunday Mornings at 9 am (8:30 when there is more light)
  • Starts from the Boulder Running Company on 28th and Pearl.
  • The run totalled almost 10 miles with about 1,600 feet of climbing and took about 2 hours to complete.

Fun Run Route

The run started from the store and we made our way through the snowy back alleys to the west to avoid the streets and traffic. We regrouped at the trailhead just beyond the old Boulder Medical Center on Mapleton then ascended the southern Sanitas Trail ridge, often slowing to a hike. At the summit, we waited for everyone to join together before grouping for a few photos and heading down the back side along Lion’s Lair Trail. Once we reached Sunshine Canyon, we regrouped again, and forged down the Sunshine Canyon Trail, back to Mapleton Ave, then back through the alleys from which we traversed before.

Photos from the Sanitas Fun Run

What are your favorite fun runs to attend and why? Comment below.

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