rUNIFY Boulder Kicks Off the Training Season with a Group Run for All

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rUNIFY Boulder had its first official run last Sunday, March 4th.  Over 150 runners showed for the 5, 10 or 15 mile run starting at Tom Watson Park off of 63rd street in Boulder.  The movement is anonymous and “isn’t about an organization, sponsors, coaches, or a figure-head.”  The spirit was there from the beginning, everyone “showed up for one reason, running.”  The run started at 8:30 with runners ranging from the novice weekend warrior to studs like Sara and Steve Slattery, Clint Wells, and Jason Hartman.


Members from the Boulder Track Club, Hudson Training System, Boulder Road Runners, Boulder Running Company, Fleet Feet Boulder, Runners Roost Colorado and BOLDrunning all showed their spirit as they gathered around waiting for the first runner to take off.  For once, Boulder’s entire running community came together and represented the sport they love.

Ewen North, Director of BOLDrunning had this to say about  rUNIFY Boulder:

“It was amazing to see how many people showed up for this. It felt like some of the true club runs I have been a part of in the past. Lots of fun and a fantastic idea to get everyone in the community together once/month. We encouraged all of our BoldRuninng members to go since we feel it is important to support this community effort. Well done to rUNIFY for putting this together.”

Race Director Barry Siff said that it was “nice to see the Boulder running community getting even stronger.”  Never has this been more true than now.

Join all the fun and become a part of history in the making at the next rUNIFY Boulder on April, 1, 2012 starting from the Fairview High School parking lot at 8:30.

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rUNIFY zebras of different colors

rUNIFY Boulder looks to bring runners of all abilities from any affiliation together for monthly group runs.

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  1. kia says:

    Yay! I love seeing Rich in that pic.  It looked like a sweet kick-off egoless event.

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