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Justin Mock made it out to the Fleet Feet Sports Muscle Restoration clinic on Thursday, November 5th.

Fleet Feet Boulder puts on a number of clinics, group runs, and classes and these are a great benefit to the community. When I saw on their email blast that Josh Shadle, owner of Tri Massage, was putting on a free Muscle Restoration Therapy clinic, I quickly RSVP’d.

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Therapist Josh Shadle lead a short talk and offered demos about how muscle restoration can ease pain and aid in recovery. By getting your muscles to function properly, you can eliminate and prevent muscle pain and joint instability. Josh uses range-of-motion evaluations and comprehensive muscle testing to identify muscular imbalances and poor neurological connections. Muscle restoration incorporates state-of-the-art treatments and techniques to restore proper neural connections and correct muscular imbalances. Josh can also provide specific exercises to help you reinforce and maintain the proper connections.

Learn more about Josh Shadle and muscle restoration, visit tri-massage.com

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