Steve Jones recalls his 1984 World Marathon Record

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Steve Jones in the 1985 Chicago Marathon

On a cool rainy morning in 1984 Steve Jones broke away early from a strong field including Rob De Castilla (Deek) at the Chicago Marathon to push a solo attack resulting in a world record time of 2:08:05.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon officials called it “one of the most revered efforts in all of marathon running.”

Mike Sandrock recalls the story in his article in the Daily Camera

This Saturday, October 30th at 5pm ‘Jonsey’ will giving his own recollections along with 30 minutes of race footage at the Avery Brewing Tap house. Entry is free and along with the $2 beers looks to be a lively night.

The video presentation will start at 6pm. It should be the first time Jones has seen actual footage from the race since that fateful day. It will be interesting to hear his gut reactions.

“Knowing Jonsey he will yuck it up” quipped Peter Richards who pulled the event together.

Richards and Sandrock were discussing running over coffee at the Trident one night and the idea hit them. Richards, a local race organizer and active member in the local running community was also on the National Board of Road Runners back in the 80s. In a stroke of luck, he just happened to be on the press truck that day.

“One of the challeges was actually digging up the old footage. CBS covered the event and broadcast it world wide” Since then it sat dormant in the archives.

Its been noted that Katherine Switzer and CU Cross Country Alumn Mary Decker were doing color commentary for CBS as the race unfolded.

In addition to the vintage video Richards hopes to dig up some of the slides he took while on the press truck, and possibly read an homage to Jones via email from De Castilla and Olympian Rosa Mota

The final miles of the 1984 Chicago Marathon

Post race interview

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