Clinic: Knee Pain on June 3

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Overuse Knee Injuries in Runners: Keeping your Knees Healthy without Resorting to Swimming

Thursday June 3 7:15pm

Fleet Feet Sports Boulder
Please RSVP 303-939-8000

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This talk is geared toward adult runners of all abilities who want to learn about common overuse injuries of the knee, including Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Hamstring Tendinitis and others.

Participants will learn how to minimize their risk in getting an overuse injury of the knee. Physical therapy exercises will be reviewed to address each injury discussed.

Lisa Brone, MD is a board certified family physician and sports medicine specialist. She has experience taking care of every level of athlete and loves helping her patients reach their goals. Dr. Brone as spent nine years of her career taking care of NCAA Division athletes.

Jeanette Hrubes PT is currently the Clinic Director/Owner of Peak Form Physical Therapy, locate in Boulder and Brighton. She has over fifteen years of clinical experience in outpatient rehabilitation and occupational medicine, including extensive experience with knee injuries.

Fleet Feet Sports Boulder

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