Goal Setting Clinic

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Setting Goals

Set Yourself Up for Success this Race Season

Thursday March 25th, 7:15 PM at Fleet Feet Sports

RSVP – 303.939.8000

Some of your greatest achievements can happen when you identify and pursue your

goals. And your individual goal orientation style greatly influences how you create and develop your own athletic goals. At this clinic, Pam will discuss:

  1. How you can effectively create reasonably challenging goals
  2. How to develop a specific goal achievement plan
  3. The differences between targets and goals
  4. How the ways in which you define achievement influence the direction and success of your goal-setting plan

Chase your ambitions wisely. Learn how and why to clarify what you want to achieve in sport or life, and succeed. All participants will take home a variety of practical strategies and handouts for setting and achieving their goals.

•Pam Landry is a veteran coach, marathon runner and Sport Psychology consultant.  As the owner of The Athlete’s Edge she specializes in working with athletes of all abilities, helping them to continually expand their potential in both athletics and in life.  With 18 Marathons to date, Pam continues to train and compete regularly, and brings her experience as an athlete, coach, teacher and mentor to seasoned and aspiring athletes alike.

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