McCandless, Arendt lead the Eldorado Run for the Cure

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Late summer storm clouds and mild rain did not deter runners for supporting the 39th year in the running of the Eldorado Run for the Cure 4 mile, one of the longer running races in the Boulder area. The four mile out and back course starts nestled among the majestic canyon walls at the Eldorado Springs Pool heads down the road, making a small loop at the bottom before runners return back uphill to the mouth of the canyon to finish.

Tyler McCandless led the field handedly, with a strong solo effort up front from the start. Boulder Athletics teammate Kristen Arendt also ran unchallenged working her way up through the field to finish second overall.

Over 120 participants enjoyed the Newton Eldorado Run for the Cure 4 mile including many kids who participated in a fun 1k race.

2016 Newton Eldorado Run for the Cure Results


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