Jeremy Freed, Lidia Simon win citizen’s race, USA 3rd in International Team Challenge

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The competition in the citizen’s race was as hot as the temperatures on Monday morning for the 35th running of the BolderBoulder. Despite always being the deepest competitive race in the state, this year held true to form, perhaps due to the club team competition the Bolder Boulder re-introduced this year.

Boulder Track Club’s Lee Troop was at the helm of the lead pack of three through 5 miles. On Folsom Street, Newton Elite’s Jeremy Freed decided to test the waters and put in surge.

“I felt the pace kinda staying where it was, I saw an opportunity and put in a surge, looking back and seeing if anyone came with me and hurting. The last I time felt confident breaking right away, but today was more about sticking my head in there, assessing where I was, and I felt ok.”

Freed went on to win by 17 seconds running 30:58. The Boulder Running Company’s Brandon Birdsong finished second in 31:15 and Lee Troop, now a Master’s runner finished third in 31:26.

BolderBoulder Citizens leaders

Freed, Birdsong and Troop lead the Citizen’s race. Photo Courtesy of Glen Delman Photo

On the women’s side, Romanian Olympian and Boulder Resident Lidia Simon, was the first citizen’s woman finisher, running the course in 34:06. Ellie Keyser finished second in 35:13 and in third was Kristen Fryburg-Zaitz, 35:32.

New to this year’s race was the individual challenge to run #Sub40 minutes in the race. Runners who did so lined up to get their one of a kind t-shirts who them wore proudly after the race.

Sub 40 tee shirts

Runners who ran the 10k race in less than 40 minutes were rewarded with a first time #Sub40 Tee shirt

Zach and Erin Watson show off his #Sub40 tee shirt

Zach and Erin Watson show off his #Sub40 tee shirt


More BolderBoulder photos on Flickr

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The International Team Challenge

While Ethiopia placed first in the women’s team standings, with Mexico in second and the United States placing third and finishing in the top three for the fourth straight year. U.S. Olympian Deena Kastor, 40, led the American women, finishing fourth in 34:43.62.

Kastor and the women adjusted to the heat during the race. “I grabbed a lot of water on the course, dumping on my head and on my wrists trying to keep cool, There were sprinklers in front of a couple of houses and I ran through those as well , I definitely felt the heat out there. Effort wise, I couldn’t get anything else out of myself.” – Deena

CU Alumni Laura Thweat moved up to compete with Olympian Deena Kastor and Stephanie Rothstein for Team USA and finished 12th running 35:37 to help the team secure a 3rd place finish. “It was an honor to be out there representing the US and to be running with Steph and Deena. It was a hard day out there, the course was as tough as everyone told me it would be, but I plugged through.”

Kenya also took the top spot in the men’s team standings, snapping a six-year reign by the Ethiopians who took second. Team USA also finished third in the men’s team standings, led by Fort Collins resident Aaron Braun, but followed closely by former CU teammates Brent Vaughn and Kenyon Newman, scoring 9, 10 and 13. The team ran together through about mile 4 when Braun dropped the pace to 4:59 to 4:46 and broke apart the team.

Brent Vaughn who placed 4th in 2010 commented on their approach to the race:  “We ran a team race, we ran together, I think that helped. We all ran smart an conservative. When you are in altitude and in heat, its not wise to get to risky in the first half of the race.”

35th BolderBOULDER 10K  Results

Boulder, CO, Monday, May 27, 2013


  1. Allan Kiprono (KEN), 29:28, $3750
  2. Belete Assefa (ETH), 29:36, $2500
  3. Birhanu Gedefa (ETH), 29:45, $1750
  4. Leonard Korir (KEN), 29:50, $1250
  5. Jose Antonio Uribe Marino (MEX), 29:50, $1050
  6. Lani Rutto (KEN), 30:08, $700
  7. Tolossa Gedefa Fufi (ETH), 30:15, $600
  8. Juan Carlos Romero Bernal (MEX), 30:22, $500
  9. Aaron Braun (USA / AZ), 30:29, $800*
  10. Brent Vaughn  (USA / CO), 30:37, $600*


  1. Kenya $15,000
  2. Ethiopia $10,000
  3. United States $17,500*
  4. Mexico $6000
  5. US Army $4000


  1. Merima Mohammed (ETH), 33:58, $3250
  2. Amane Gobena (ETH), 34:08, $2000
  3. Marisol Guadalupe Romero Rosal (MEX), 34:15, $1500
  4. Deena Kastor (USA / CA), 34:43, $2250*
  5. Madai Perez Carrillo (MEX), 34:53, $800
  6. Mattie Suver (USA / CO), 34:56, $700
  7. Bri Nelson (USA / CO), 35:01, $600
  8. Karina Perez Delgado (MEX), 35:10, $500
  9. Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce (USA / AZ), 35:20, $800*
  10. Zemzem Ahmed  (ETH), 35:22, $400



  1. Ethiopia $15,000
  2. Mexico $10,000
  3. United States $17,500*
  4. Team Colorado $16,166
  5. Kenya $4000

*Includes U.S. Olympic Training Funds


Citizens Men

  1. Jeremy Freed 30:58
  2. Brandon Birdsong 31:15
  3. Lee Troop 31:26
  4. Brice Cleland 31:29
  5. Glenn Randall 31:31
  6. Charles Hillig 31:32
  7. Paul Peterson 31:32
  8. Scott Dahlberg 31:33
  9. Michael Chavez 31:38
  10. Brett Carter 31:42


  1. Lidia Simon 34:06
  2. Ellie Keyser 35:13
  3. Kristen Fryburg-Zaitz 35:32
  4. Wendy Thomas 35:59
  5. Kara Lubieniecki 35:59
  6. Rachel Gioscia-Ryan 36:07
  7. Ayumi Goto 36:46
  8. Stephanie Pezzullo 37:04
  9. Joanna Zeiger 37:13
  10. Kelsey Martin 37:13

More results can be found at

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