Dark clouds loomed over the North Boulder foothills, but held off long enough so that over 900 participants could enjoy a lap around the backroads and reservoir for the Boulder edition of the Title Nine Mother’s Day 9k on May 8. Moms and their families came out to enjoy a morning of running and walking and sharing in community. Kids joined in the fun by either running with their mom, riding in strollers or by joining the Rag-A-Muffin Run Kids race.

Moms were all treated with a swag bag of goodies from @krimsonklover @race_addict@waybettersnacks @winkinggirlfoods@honeystinger @rmsunscreen@burtsbeesus @wackyapple@hypergogroup @trukid_skincare.

Top results from the Title Nine Mother’s Day 9k

Lindsay JOHNSON 41:53
Marketa MURRAY 44:05
Katie BOYLE 45:52
Liza GETCHES 45:58
Mindy FOWLER 46:18
Shelby OROURKE 46:26
Izzy HURLEY 47:09
Alissa CHUTE 47:07
Kimberley HOEFEN 47:41
Tina LE Tina LE 47:54

Full results for the Title Nine Mother’s Day 9k.

More photos can be found on the Title 9 facebook page.