Sage Canaday wins Black Canyon 100K with a new Course Record

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On Saturday, February 13th just outside of Mayer, Arizona, Boulder’s Sage Canaday took his Olympic Trials marathon training to the trails and came away with a win and new course record at the Black Canyon 100K. Despite the persistent heat all day, where temperatures reached into the high 80s and the sandy, downhill nature of the course, Sage was able to turn all of the speed from his marathon training into a dominating win, completing the course in 7:52:26, and finishing 49 minutes ahead of second place.

“The Black Canyon 100km went surprisingly well considering my weekly training mileage for the past 6 weeks has only been about 60-65 miles per week and I was only able to get in one Long Run on the trails of over 20-miles in the time period.

However, the benefits of consistent marathon training and the intensity and speed of my road workouts seemed to have paid dividends for my ultra fitness. So despite the lack of volume in training, I was able to get myself through 62-miles of trail running in one go and stay consistent all day (even with the heat).”

The Black Canyon 100K served as a Golden Ticket Race for the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, one of the largest and most prestigious ultra races in the United States. With the win, Canaday is now entered into the race and excited to give the 100 mile distance another attempt (Canaday had to pull out of UTMB last year due to a knee injury he suffered during the race near mile 60).

“I’m for sure entered in Western States now and it is a big focus for me. The challenge of finishing 100-miles is there and I like to enter the most competitive, big-stage races with a ton of cool history. WS100 fits that bill!”

Sage Canaday at the Black Canyon 100K Photos courtesy of Aravaipa Running

Sage Canaday at the Black Canyon 100K Photos courtesy of Aravaipa Running.

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