USA Half Marathon Championship Prediction Contest

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Houston Half Marathon Start

The USA Running Circuit is set to begin this weekend in Houston at the USA Half Marathon Championships on Sunday January 19 and Boulder USA XC is running a prediction contest. Predict the winner of the men’s race (first and last name) and receive a Boulder USA XC t-shirt, poster, and sticker.

Notable Boulder area elite

Be on the lookout for a number of area elite runners to be towing the line in Houston.


  • Patrick Rizzo
  • Tyler McCandless
  • Jeremy Freed
  • Fernando Cabada
  • Jeffery Eggleston


  • Adriana Nelson
  • Addie Bracy
  • Tera Moody
  • Nicole Feeste
  • Joanna Zieger

A full list of elite entrants can be found on the website

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