Boulder Creek Path to be highlighted by Google Trike

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Boulder Creek as seen from the Boulder Creek Path

Boulder Creek as seen from the Boulder Creek Path

The City of Boulder is pleased to announce that the Google Street View trike is coming to town.  The Boulder Creek Path won the “Parks & Trails” category of Google’s Street View Special Collections Poll, a contest asking the public to vote for the places they’d most like to see on Google Maps.

Last fall, Google asked the public to submit nominations for special places throughout the country they’d like the Street View trike to visit.  The Boulder Creek Path was identified as one of five finalists in its category.

“Winning the Street View trike contest is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our community’s acclaimed Boulder Creek Path greenway,” said GO Boulder/City of Boulder Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner Marni Ratzel.  “The Boulder community is very proud of its multi-use path system and it shows; the Google representatives confirmed that the Boulder Creek Path won its category by a landslide.  We hope this new online amenity will help inspire our residents, employees and visitors to get out and enjoy all that Boulder has to offer.”

“With an office in Boulder and so many avid cyclists at Google, we are delighted that the Boulder Creek Path was selected by our users as one of the locations they’d most like to see featured in Google Maps. We look forward to having the opportunity to come photograph the trail and to make it virtually accessible to our users around the world,” said Daniel Ratner, senior mechanical engineer at Google and inventor of the trike.

Statue of Chief Niwot keeps watch over the Boulder Creek Path

Statue of Chief Niwot keeps watch over the Boulder Creek Path

In 2007, the City of Boulder created, a local bike routing tool to help cyclists navigate around town along Boulder’s bikeways, mimicking the service that Google Maps provides automobile drivers.  The site not only provides cyclists with turn-by-turn directions, but also calculates calories burned and gas money saved by not driving.  According to the Daily Camera, the City of Boulder hopes that the trike’s ride through Boulder marks the beginning of a deeper relationship between the city and Google’s mapping programs. The city has applied to share data about its extensive bike path system with Google as a Base Map Partner.

The Google Street View trike captures 360-degree images of some of the country’s most interesting places that aren’t accessible by car and makes them available in Google Maps.  The trike consists of three bicycle wheels, a mounted Street View camera, and an imaging and GPS unit, all amounting to 250-pounds for its cyclists to ride around.

For more information about the Google Street View Special Collections Poll, go to

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