Chip timing to be introduced for the 2012 Triple Crown of Running Series

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Triple Crown of Running Series

Triple Crown of Running Series

The most popular running series in Colorado’s Pikes Peak region is adding chip timing for all of its events in 2012. The Triple Crown of Running events include the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile on June 10, the Summer Round up 12 Kilometer Trail Race on July 8, and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon on the weekend of August 18-19.

“In the past our logistics made chip timing cost prohibitive. We developed a partnership recently with the Pikes Peak Road Runners and this partnership enables us to provide chip timing this year for all of our events,” said Ron Ilgen, president of the Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc.

The chip timing system which will be used for the events is the RFID race timing systems. For each of the events there will be a start mat and a finish mat providing both gun time and chip time for the results. Additionally, for the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, a mat is planned for the A-Frame (3 miles from the summit), and at the summit/turn around point for the Pikes Peak Marathon.

Other news for the 2012 series includes the introduction of a new event. The inaugural Garden 5 kilometer race will be a companion event to the Garden 10 Mile on June 10. The event is geared toward runners who aren’t quite ready to tackle the ten mile distance, or for those who want to enjoy a shorter run in the beautiful Garden of the Gods Park.

A new committee member, Adam Vernon, has been added to address sponsorship and marketing for the series. Vernon hopes to create a more festive environment at the races, including a post-event celebration after the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile.

Tim Bergsten, owner of, will continue as the press coordinator. In addition to informative news stories, Bergsten will be creating feature pieces throughout the year. One feature, “where are they now,” will highlight past race winners.

Asked about expectations and enhancements for the 2012 series, Ilgen is enthusiastic with his response, “Introduction of the timing technology is something we’re looking forward to and we anticipate a continued high level of competition (in the events) with both nationally and internationally-ranked runners. There is no doubt that it will be an exciting year.”

Registration for the Garden 10 Mile, Summer Round Up Trail Run 12K, Pikes Peak Ascent, and Pikes Peak Marathon starts online on March 15. Details on the Garden 5K event, including registration information, will be available in April.

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