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Darcy Piceu featured in Smartwool’s Roam TV – Hardrock 100

Smartwool’s Roam TV Episode 3, features Boulder’s prominent ultra-runner Darcy Piceu, as she looks to capture her 4th consecutive title at the 2015 Hardrock 100 — the epic 100-mile race through Colorado’s San Juan mountains that boasts a total elevation change of 67,984 feet and an average elevation of 11,000 feet. The short film is just under 4 minutes in length but packs plenty of action and high altitude scenery in that time.

“In particular when you are running in the mountains like this, when the terrain is so intense and when you have altitude and you have weather and all these factors, you really just have to focus on taking care of yourself all the time at every moment. So its really about running smart and taking care of yourself out there and I think thats why I have done well over the years.”


Hardrock 100 course elevation profile

Fair warning: You will be inspired to get outdoors and go further.

You’ll see more and more original content like this from Smartwool and ROAMTV throughout 2016 as the brand looks to tell the stories of the most authentic and interesting athletes and members of the Fan Field Testing program. Darcy is also part of the a new women’s collective blog, which just recently launched in hopes of addressing the lack of female voice in the sport of trail running.

For another look into the Hardrock 100 Trail Race check out Matt Trappe’s film, Kissing the Rock.

Darcy Piceu Hardrock 100 – RoamTV

All images courtesy of SmartWool

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