Sandrock: Don’t take our open space for granted

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The snow began falling early Sunday, with thick, gray clouds moving down from the Flatirons just as our group started up the Bluestem Trail in south Boulder. Soon, the mountains disappeared into the clouds, and we were left with only the soft gravel in front of us, punctuated by a few pine trees and lichen rocks on the side.

With the deadline to mail in ballots for the Nov. 3 election nearing, it seems appropriate to pause and give a shout out to those far-sighted folks who got Boulder started on its open space acquisition.

“Every time I get stale, I realize there is something new, even for people like you and me. All of a sudden, a new trail will appear out of nowhere.” – Brendan Reilly

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Chautauqua Park

Chautauqua Park

More about Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks

Boulder Weekly’s opinion on 2009 Boulder County County Ballot Issue 1A

While Boulder Weekly acknowledges that the purchase of open space has had some unintended negative consequences, especially on the availability of affordable housing in Boulder, those are outweighed by the high priority that county residents have placed on preserving natural lands in an era of sprawl and communities that run together without a clear boundary.

Vote YES on Boulder County Ballot Issue 1A.

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