Fast Forward Sports Merges with Revolution Running

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Fast Forward Sports and Rev Run join foirces

Boulder-based running, triathlon and fitness company FastForward Sports (F4) joins forces with fellow running group Revolution Running. Both companies are strategically aligning and share a culture of group fitness and wellness. The merge will have the biggest impact on the runners themselves due to a larger group of participating athletes. This will increase the chances of having some running “mates” to share the workout experiences with.


“Merging with Rev Run was a natural next step for us,” says F4 owner Tim O’Brien. “Uniting will bring even more camaraderie to our already great running community here in Boulder.”

Revolution Running has a vibrant and active community of over 500+ runners annually. Both companies have been running parallel programs for the past few years. All programs will now run through Revolution Running.

Rev Running was voted Competitor Magazines Best Running Club in the Mountain/West Region for 2013 and 2014 and Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Littleton has recently expanded into Bellingham, Washington led by Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl. Rev Running has also recently teamed up with Endurance Camps to offer adult running camps in idyllic locations, the first one being held in April in San Diego.

Looking to run a fast BolderBoulder this year? Revolution Running’s Spring 10 week training program will start on March 16th and will focus on the BolderBoulder or a even a half marathon.

“This is an incredibly exciting move for all involved,” Say’s Ewen North, Owner and Director of Revolution Running. “We feel this is the right time to amalgamate after years of doing almost exactly the same thing. We can now create an amazing training club resource that can be of benefit to the entire community for years to come.” North Continued. “This will mean more running partners, more volunteers and more customers in local running stores. This will work for everyone.”

“We’re excited about the future,” says O’Brien.

Revolution Running will join with Fast Forward Sports

Revolution Running will join forces with Fast Forward Sports



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