Ultimate Direction rebrands, relaunches and releases Jenny Collection, Signature Series 2

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Ultimate Direction, the leader in hydration packs and bottles, today launched their new brand image along with an updated website, featuring the highly anticipated Jenny Collection, a series of products designed by and made specifically for women. The successful Signature Series vests, born out of a partnership with accomplished and well known ultra-runners Anton Krupicka, Scott Jurek and Peter Bakwin have been updated with their feedback to perform even better.

New Brand #UDBlue

UD_logoEvolutionRecently Ultimate Direction underwent a brand redesign moving away from its signature red logo that has been present over most of the logo variations over the last 25 years to a simpler UD with the navigational north arrow integrated into the design. The new #UDBlue is used to support the design of the relaunched website as well as product highlights making it easy to identify the brand on the trails.

Website Redesign

The new website UltimateDirection.com was launched today, re-branded and re-designed to highlight their new products and collections. Products are easy to find, review, compare and purchase quickly for your next adventure. You can also learn more about their athletes, and follow the adventures on their blog.


The Jenny Collection

Ultimate Direction brought together a group of talented female runners and paired them with lead designer Jenny Jurek, to create a line of products that are designed specifically for female athletes by female athletes. The Jenny Collection includes a hydration pack the Ultra Vesta, the Meow waist pack, the Handy 10 and Handy 20 hand held water bottles.


The Signature Series 2.0

The vests Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and Peter Bakwin designed were incredibly successful, but the boys thought of some great ideas for improvements. All three athletes were on hand at the launch party to share their insights and tweaks to the 2.0.

Scott Jurek commented about some of the changes to his signature vest:

“Some people had some issues where it just didn’t fit their rib cage, so inside the side pocket we added an adjustable web strap so that you can adjust that. It should really now cover 99.9% of the people and fit shouldn’t be an issue.”

“Originally we didn’t want to add weight with other zipper, but a lot of folks using this for racing found that the pocket size for getting the bladder in and out at the aid stations was a big issue, so we added a side pocket that covers the whole length so you can throw in a bladder super quick now.”

For additional durability, they switched the Cuben Fiber for Silnylon 66, beefed up all the mesh and bungy cords, and added edge binding to the stretch pockets on the three vests. For easier sizing and a better fit, lateral adjustment straps were added on Scott and Peter’s, and for easier access to an internal bladder those two vests now have a third access zipper. Anton’s vest is more streamlined without the pockets at the bottom of the main compartment. And everything has been updated with our new color and logo.

The new Signature Series 2.0 should be available on the website by week’s end. For now you can check out the updates to the packs in these three videos:  Anton Krupicka’s Race Vest 2.0,  Scott Jurek’s Ultra Vest 2.0,  Peter Bakwin’s Adventure Vest 2.0



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