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A dry Cragmoor trail

A dry Cragmoor trail

Boulder Area Trails Coalition’s (BATCO) is currently in the process of revising the popular “Trails & Recreation Map of Boulder County Colorado” and they need your help! They are looking for new photos to feature on the reverse side of the map. Our organization is a big fan of multi-use trails, so we’d love to get photos of people hiking, running, biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, walking their dogs, etc. If you have taken some favorite pictures of trails, trail users, nature, scenery, cultural history sites, and/or other icons of public land anywhere in Boulder County. [box type=”note”]Please submit by May 5, 2013, to[/box] Please keep all photos under 10 MB in size and send them one at a time. They will incorporate as many photos as possible in the upcoming 3rd Edition of the map. BATCO will have the right to use all submissions, including upcoming newsletters, on our web site, and in the map. Photo credits will be displayed on the BATCO web site:

The BATCO Board will also vote on the top three photos and the people who submitted those photos will win prizes of $100 (1st place), $50 (2nd place), and $25 (3rd place) gift certificates to a local outdoors merchant.

If you are not on the Boulder Area Trails Coalition email / newsletter list, please be sure to sign up at

About Boulder Area Trails Coalition
BATCO was founded in 1996 and our mission is to promote non-motorized, multi-use, environmentally-responsible trail systems. We believe multi-purpose trails are a valuable community resource that provide recreational benefits that enhance the quality of life for area residents and visitors. Trails can also benefit environmental quality by fostering a sense of stewardship among trail users, helping users appreciate and protect our natural heritage, generating support for additional open space and public lands, creating opportunities for ecosystem restoration, and providing alternatives to automobile travel.


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