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Local Running Book Authors

Running books by Boulder Running Book Authors

Local Running book authors by Boulder authors

There are a wide variety of topics from local running book authors here in Boulder, from training books, to guide books to biographies and fiction.


Guide Books

  • Running Colorado’s Front Range – Brian Metzler
  • Trail Runner’s Guide to Colorado – Phil Mislinski, Monique Cole, Scott Boulbol
  • The Best Front Range Trail Runs – Peter N. Jones


  • Trailhead – Lisa Jhung
  • Running With the Buffaloes – Chris Lear
    (Yes technically he is no longer a resident, but this book is on the must read list)
  • On the Wings of Mercury – Lorraine Moller
  • Running with the Legends – Micheal Sandrock
  • One Man’s Leg – Paul Martin
  • The Purple Runner – Paul Christman

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