Hudson’s Little Black Book of Training – Redux

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The question is how much more training can you fit into Brad Hudson’s Little Black Book of training, and the answer is none. None more.

Late last year Brad Hudson released the Little Black book in limited quantities, and it sold out within hours. And for what seemed a one and done project, Hudson and Co-publisher Alex Wolf-Root quickly realized that the book had appeal to a little wider audience. With the guidance of one of Brad’s athletes, Adi Bracy, they added more workouts, and more context, cues and variety to the workouts that will speak to a much larger audience.

The Little Black Book – Redux, has over 200+ workouts over its 164 pages and the chapters are broken up by distances that runners typically focus on from the 800m and the 1500m/mile up to the marathon. Each chapter leads in with a runner quote either about the race or the importance of the workouts to that distance then to mix it up even further, they added a “Spice it up” section for even more variety. What the book doesn’t tell you is when to put these into your schedule.

“It’s not a training book (in the traditional sense), but tons of workouts, aimed at elite athletes and coaches to give athletes more variety and a say in the direction of their training.”

They also made the font a little bigger so people could read it better, and included workouts that were not his own, although Hudson noted, “These are workouts I have seen. If I liked it, I wrote it down. Everyone has taken from everybody, there are no patented workouts.”

“And we made it a lot more mainstream and accessible to people.”

Behind each of the workouts there are results.

In 2006, Jorge Torres, while under Hudson wins the 10k at the National Outdoor T&F Championships out kicking Meb Keflezighi. Jorge, 6 days out from the race, did 3k repeats @ 8:41, then takes 5 minute recovery and runs an all out one @ 8:07.

In that same meet, Dathan Ritzenhein was 3rd in the 5k. Ritz did ran a 4:08 mile, then tried to break 4 on his own before the next set: They had a sense it would be a fast race and the pace crazy so they did alternating 400m, 60-73s for 2k repeats. The race was tight with the final four being Bernard Lagat, Matt Tegenkamp, Ritz and Adam Goucher in 13:14, 13:25, 13:16 and 13:18 respectively.

Why should you listen to Brad Hudson?

Brad’s Little Black Book contains all the workouts he has created over the years drawing inspiration mainly from Renato Canova, Mark Wetmore, Bill Dellinger, Arturo Barrios but also from influential coaches such as Jack Daniels, Arthur Lydiard, John Cook, and many others. “Anyone who had coached me had an influence,” stated Hudson who was dubbed the Marathon Whisperer by Competitor Magazine.

And while some coaches are great despite not being runners, Brad was a phenom runner, coached by Mark Wetmore in grade school, was the national 5k champ as a junior in high school, and who has a marathon PR of 2:13:24. As a coach, Hudson has had success with Dathan Ritzenhein, Jorge Torres, Shayne Culpepper, Jason Hartman, and Terra Moody.

As an example of his tenacity and curiosity, one day in the middle of high school he decided to do a 2 mile time trial. “The reason I did it was there was no internet and we would get Track & Field News.” He saw 9:08 was the the new so he tried to beat it. He ran 9:01. He forgot it was his Shakespeare final and his teacher Mr. Roberts ending up failing him because he saw him out the window running this time trial during the final. Ironically, Mr. Roberts later became the cross country coach.

Brad has been chronicling the workouts in the Little Black book with his current athlete roster and posting the workouts on Facebook.

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