Shoe Review: Brooks Glycerin 13

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“From the moment I put them on, I could tell my feet were in for a luxury ride”


Last week I had the opportunity to check out the most recent release of the Brooks Glycerin, the 13. While it’s not a major overhaul from the 12, there are some subtle updates make this an exceptional shoe for everyday running.

There is the perfect amount of plush in this ride. From the moment I put this on you can feel the comfort all around. From the soft and supportive upper to the Super BioMoGo DNA midsole which responds with just the right amount of cush with each step.

Brooks Glycerin 13 First impressions and instant likes

  • It’s soft and plush in the upper and midsole bathing your feet in luxury
  • The midsole Super BioMoGo DNA has just the right amount of responsive cushioning
  • The neutral last is perfect for a mid-foot runner like myself
  • Its colorful but not overly obnoxious

Nit picking

  • The Glycerin is a little more shoe that I like for everyday running weighing in at 11.3 oz
  • The midsole has a 10mm drop where I am accustomed to a 6-0mm drop

Brooks Glycerin 13 Reactions

I’ll be honest, Its been awhile since I have taken a serious look at a Brooks shoe. Brooks was a sponsor of our Fleet Feet team back in the day and I enjoyed running in their racing flats and into the introduction of their Pure Project shoes. I was into minimal shoes back then and the Pure Project for me was a step in the right direction.

Since then I have gone through all the stages of a recovering runner. and while I still enjoy the responsiveness and lightness of a minimal shoe, there are times on my recovery days that I swing to the full max to give my legs and feet some needed rest.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Shoe Review

Test run

While out on the photoshoot I got my first taste on how these felt on the roads. Again the word plush comes to mind as I easily rolled through my stride and could feel the responsive cushioning underneath. That afternoon I took them out for an 8 mile spin on the rolling hills at the base of Boulder’s foothills and again instantly noticed the comfort through each step. By the end of the run, my legs didn’t feel any worse for the wear.

Around my foot

From the moment I put these shoes on, I could feel the comfort and promise of a smooth ride. The upper is soft and padded from the tongue all the way around the heel cup. The upper is overlaid with a textured pattern utilizing their screen 3-D Fit Print technology. This helps it keep its shape while keeping the weight down. I particularly liked the blue and green colorway which isn’t garish and the patterns and luminescence reminds me of a superconductor computer chip. High tech.

Under my foot

I personally love the neutrality of the last, no built-in added structure, allowing my foot to do what feels right.

While I mostly run with a mid-foot strike Brooks designed a rounded heel for a smoother transition and not forcing the foot into position.

The highlight of the midsole and what gives this shoe the biggest bang for the buck is the updated Super BioMoGo DNA, The updated DNA claims to be 25% more responsive to a runners stride than the standard BioMoGo DNA found in the Glycerin 12. Its soft and giving but not so much you feel like your energy is being wasted there.

The plush ride also comes from their Ideal Pressure Zones which distribute pressure evenly under your foot as well as their segmented crash pad, which allows the foot to flex nicely while providing more cushion through their fully integrated mini “shock absorbers”.

Take aways

While its not a shoe I will wear to the track or for faster workouts, I look forward to introducing the Brooks Glycerin 13 into my regular and recovery runs on the roads and bike paths. I can see them performing on the trails well, but I will keep away from the dirt for a while to keep the colors sharp as I kick them around the office.

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Action photos by Ryan Laurence Photography

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