Olympic Trials 10k Results from Boulder Runners

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The Olympic Track & Field Trials kicked off this weekend and distance running capped the night on Friday night with the Men’s 10k followed by the Women’s 10k on Saturday am. There were 5 local runners competing in the two events hoping to earn a place on the Olympic Team and head to Rio.

Men’s 10k

Boulder Track Club’s Jon Grey was looking for one of those top spots. Starting from the back of the pack may have been an unconventional way to go for it, but because of his experience in the heat in last year’s U.S. Championships he knew there may be some carnage.

“The race plan was to try and run in about 10-14th for most of the race and move up but I ended up starting our WAY further back than that. I was in about 18-20 as late as 7500m and I kept jumping gaps and stayed focused on moving forward to move up and spent a lot of time alone in the wind”

Grey finish 9th overall in 29:00.28 “Overall I was extremely happy with the race!”

Also from the BTC was Alex Monroe who finished 17th running 29:49.95.

And last but certainly not least: Noah Droddy may have finished last in the field (20th at 31:02.99 – although ahead of 7 DNFs) he may have just captured America’s heart. He got a fair amount of NBC air time, despite the race being interrupted by shot put interviews during some momentous breaks in the race, and left people wondering “who is this Droddy guy?”starting a trend on twitter.


Photos from the Men’s Olympic Trials 10k

Women’s 10k

Saturday morning, the temperatures may have been a bit cooler than on Friday night for the men’s races but the competition was as hot as ever. Contender Laura Thweatt put herself in position around the halfway point of the race coming up on the shoulder of eventual winner Molly Huddle. But soon after found herself in the back of the lead pack of 5 then losing a bit of contact.

“I had a few laps in the middle where I kind of lapsed, and lost contact and thought, ‘oh God am I just going to start going backwards now?’ NO, you came here to fight, you came here to leave it all on the track. if you can get back into it mentally, who’s to say you can’t keep chipping away, so that’s what I did.”

Thweatt finished 5th overall with a time of 32:26.21.

“It was hard to step off the track not top three, but the 3 women who made it definitely deserved to be on that team they ran phenomenal. So I’m not… stoked, but I’m not totally crushed.”

She will return to take on the 5k on Sunday July 10th. “I’m going to give myself a few days to rest and regroup then get back out there.”

Other Coloradans in the women’s race were Golden’s Alicia Williams who finished 14th in 33:22.22 and Alia Grey who ended up having to withdraw from the race after 5k due to an aggravated foot from a workout earlier that week.

Check out the full results from the races at http://trialsresults.usatf.org/

Photos from the Women’s Olympic Trials 10k

A few more to come

Thweatt quotes courtesy of Brian Metzler.

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