Behind the Track Trials scenes with photographer Dave Albo

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Dave Albo is a track fan. His love of the sport ranges from athletes of all ages and speeds at the Boulder All Comers meets, high school, at the college level, high achieving masters athletes, to those exemplifying the pinnacle of the sport. Fortunately, in Boulder there are a wide range of subjects to study.

Albo himself still continues to be a high performing athlete as a master spending hours of the day on the track and field focusing on his form and strength. That’s the same dedication he brings behind the camera lens looking to capture the most intimate of moments for athletes on the track. Dave has taken to the “hobby” over the last few years, honing his skills around the oval office. And this year it’s really starting to pay off. Dave has been to the last two Olympic Track Trials with his wife Patty, also a huge track fan. In the past he has brought his camera hoping to capture moments from the stands. This year, he obtained a press pass, which placed him in the heat of the action.

With a new larger lens in hand to to really focus in on expressions, he spent the better parts of the week bouncing between the field capturing moments and joining wife Murray in the stands to observe the meet as a fan.

“I am having an amazingly amazing time. Learning a lot, I think I fit right into this scene, my confidence has gone up. I’d be comfortable at ANY track meet now, even the Olympics,” said Albo half way through the Olympic Track Trials in July.

One interesting twists of the trials, was when Boulder’s Noah Droddy captured the imagination of the twittersphere as people were asking to know more about this guy they saw on TV. Dave was virtually the only photographer with his lens aimed on Droddy and he quickly capitalized on the trending topic #droddy landing one of his images into Runner’s World.

We asked Dave to sum up the moment for him and choose some of his favorite photos and why.

Besides the press pass, was there anything different or exciting to look forward to this time versus the two other times you went?

The only new thing this time around for me was having a point of emphasis on the large number of local athletes, and having some awareness of who they were and their stories.

On Facebook you shared a favorite moment: Wetmore and Burroughs looking on to Coburn’s Steeple final. Why did this catch your eye?

For the Wetmore photo, I knew it would be only me taking this shot. No one else noticed them there, and I feel like they deserve big attention for preparing Jenny and Emma so well. Unlike some other coaches like Salazar, who the media ALWAYS seems to find and show, they are kind of invisible generally. What I like in the photo is the way they are totally focused on what is going on.

Wetmore and Burroughs watching Emma Coburn race the Steeplechase final

Here are some of Albo’s favorite images of the Olympic Track Trials


Dave Albo, Billy Mills and Patty Murray.

Track fans Dave Albo and Patty Murray with legendary Billy Mills (center).

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