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Natural Running Symposium June 12/13 0

Natural Running Symposium June 12/13

Newton Running will be presenting a 2 day symposium on natural running form and will include discussions around running biomechanics and injury prevention. June 12th & 13th.

Clinic: Knee Pain on June 3 0

Clinic: Knee Pain on June 3

This talk is geared toward adult runners of all abilities who want to learn about common overuse injuries of the knee. Participants will learn how to minimize their risk in getting an overuse injury of the knee. Physical therapy exercises will be reviewed to address each injury discussed.

Goal Setting Clinic 0

Goal Setting Clinic

Some of your greatest achievements can happen when you identify and pursue your goals. And your individual goal orientation style greatly influences how you create and develop your own athletic goals.

Running Form and Technique Clinic 3

Running Form and Technique Clinic

You hear a lot about improving your form and technique as one of the best ways to run faster and further while staying injury free. But how do you know just what you are doing wrong? These one day workshops are invaluable tools to help you improve your form.

Foam Roller Clinic: Solepepper 0

Foam Roller Clinic: Solepepper

Learn foam roller techniques from qualified physical therapists at our free clinic. Foam rollers can be used to self-treat injuries such as ITB Syndrome, and for injury prevention and body maintenance.

TransRockies 101 0

TransRockies 101

Most people call it the best summer camp experience for adults. Come to a fun and inspiring talk at Fleet Feet about the 2010 TransRockies adventure races — the world’s most wild and rugged mountain bike or run stage race.

Knee Pain Clinic 0

Knee Pain Clinic

Knee injuries are some of the most common among athletes who participate in sports like skiing, running, soccer, and football. There’s also a higher incidence of knee injuries and chronic knee problems among women, whose body design makes them more vulnerable than men to the condition. Even if you haven’t experienced knee pain, you probably know someone who has.

Fleet Feet Muscle Restoration Clinic » Review 0

Fleet Feet Muscle Restoration Clinic » Review

Fleet Feet Boulder puts on a number of clinics, group runs, and classes and these are a great benefit to the community. When I saw on their email blast that Josh Shadle, owner of Tri Massage, was putting on a free Muscle Restoration Therapy clinic, I quickly RSVP’d.

Muscle Restoration Clinic at Fleet Feet Boulder 2

Muscle Restoration Clinic at Fleet Feet Boulder

Therapist Josh Shadle will lead a short talk at Fleet Feet Boulder and offer demos about how muscle restoration can ease pain and aid in recovery. By getting your muscles to function properly, you can eliminate and prevent muscle pain and joint instability.