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Radiant Body: Five Class Series

A Ten Week Series: 5 classes devoted to your body’s energetics and 5 classes devoted to learning physical exercises to balance your muscles and your structure. This workshop will help take your running and/or any movement in your life to another level. It will teach

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Stride Mechanics Workshop

These promise to be very inclusive clinics filled with dialogues and demonstrations with ample time for individual questions. Educational for any runner, regardless of experience, age, goals, fitness, or weekly mileage. Janet Runyan is a nationally ranked ultra distance runner whose goals have served as

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Improve Your Running Form Clinic

Join Fleet Feet Sports Boulder on Thursday March 31st at 7:15pm for a free clinic about running mechanics and how to run injury free. Watch highlights from video gait analysis demonstrating proper form and learn about: How common gait faults increase running injuries How running

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Transform Your Form Workshop in July

Swimmers and cyclists have long used drills to perfect their stroke and become more efficient athletes, but it really hasn’t been until recent years that average runners have paid much attention to their running form. Two running form workshops will be held over the weekend of July 24 and 25th.

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Running Form and Technique Clinic

You hear a lot about improving your form and technique as one of the best ways to run faster and further while staying injury free. But how do you know just what you are doing wrong? These one day workshops are invaluable tools to help you improve your form.