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OSMP trails open again after muddy conditions

Posted on21. Nov, 2014

These trails have been re-opened again. It’s that time of the season again. Alternating cold and warm weather patterns play havoc on the snowmelt and trails. So the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department today closed multiple trailheads and trails because melting snow has created muddy conditions that can cause damage to popular […]

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Volunteers join Boulder's OSMP for trail building on National Trail Day.

Volunteers help repair damaged trails on National Trails Day

Posted on27. Jun, 2014

Forty-Eight volunteers helped the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department improve the East Boulder-White Rock Rocks Trail on National Trails Day June 7. The volunteers shoveled and laid down 120 tons of crusher fines filling gullies on 2,080 feet of the East Boulder/White Rocks trail, which sustained significant damage during the September 2013 […]

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Upper Big Bluestem trail reopens

Posted on22. Dec, 2013

The opening of the re-routed Upper Big Bluestem Trail comes about eight months after OSMP crews began work to re-align the trail away from important stream corridors that provide habitats for black bears and other species.

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OSMP has reopened all of the Mesa Trail

Posted on03. Dec, 2013

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department reopened the last remaining closed section of the Mesa Trail today. The reopening of all sections of the popular trail – which stretches from the Chautauqua area to the South Mesa Trailhead near Eldorado Springs – comes after volunteers and OSMP trail crews completed […]

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Marshall Valley Trail closure over the weekend

Posted on23. Nov, 2013

The Marshall Valley Trail is closed due to a mine cave-in approximately 100 yards east of the trailhead. The Marshall Valley trail is the lower traverse heading east from the trailhead to where it connects with the community ditch at the bridge. The Marshall Mesa trail system sits on top of several old coal mines. […]

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Community Ditch Trail Closure effective July 28, 2013

Posted on25. Jul, 2013

Beginning in the evening on July 28, Community Ditch Trail will be closed at State Highway 93. The closure is likely to last for most of the next year in order to facilitate the installation of an underpass that will allow trail users to cross SH 93 without mixing with highway traffic. All trails in the area will […]

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Switzerland Trail and Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat

Trails & Beer: Rich Castro – Switzerland Trail

Posted on06. Jul, 2013

Part of the Trails & Beer: A Perfect Pair series where we asked local runners about their favorite places to run and to pair it with the beer in which they celebrate post-run.  Since Rich has lived in Boulder for over 42 years, he’s done his fair share of running in the area. Here are his top […]

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Trails & Beer: The Perfect Pairing

Posted on23. Jun, 2013

Enjoying a great run and a great beer often go hand in hand. It can be about the journey, enjoying each step and sip, getting to know the subtleties and complexities of each, some appeal to a distinct palette, others are smooth and refreshing and appealing enough to enjoy every day. We enjoy both  to get […]

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Muddy Dowdy Draw trail

Trails are still muddy – Marshall Mesa, Flatirons Vista, Heil Valley

Posted on10. May, 2013

Muddy Trail Closures effective May 9, 2013 – Marshall Mesa, Greenbelt Plateau, Flatirons Vista and Doudy Draw All trails in the Marshall Mesa, Greenbelt Plateau, Flatirons Vista and Doudy Draw areas are closed because of extremely muddy conditions. This includes: Greenbelt Plateau, High Plains, Marshall Valley, Marshall Mesa, Community Ditch (East & West), Cowdrey Draw, […]

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Trail Report for Mid-January

Posted on22. Jan, 2013

Despite the snow a few weeks back and the cold spell we just endured, many front range trails are in fairly great shape for running. Today I ran up the Mesa Trail from Chautauqua Park to the north fork of Shanahan Ridge, down to Cragmoor, north through the neighborhoods to connect with the Bear Canyon […]

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Running with kids and a stroller

9 Great Trails for Running with Kids and Stroller

Posted on06. Dec, 2010

Running with kids is a great way to get your exercise in and expose them to the brave new world. While the trails closer to the foothills can be rocky, narrow and too bumpy for little ones, trails along the plains tend to be smoother, wider and flat with relatively little elevation gain. Here are a few trails that work well for strollers.

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City closes trails due to Fourmile Canyon wildfire

Posted on12. Sep, 2010

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks department (OSMP), in cooperation with several firefighting agencies, has closed some trails, areas and trailheads in western Boulder. The closures are due to wildfire operations, extreme fire conditions and expected high winds. The areas will be closed until further notice. Citations are being issued for violations. […]

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Temporary trail closures at Boulder Valley Ranch due to Plane Crash

Posted on08. Feb, 2010

Three people died Saturday afternoon in the fiery midair collision of two small planes in the skies north of town, but three others escaped unharmed after the pilot of a glider being towed by one of the aircraft cut loose, maneuvered through a fireball and landed safely. Trails effected are: The Hidden Valley, Degge, Mesa Reservoir, Cobalt, and Eagle (closed from the valley to the west) trails are closed until further notice.

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Snow Run – You gotta get out!

Posted on29. Oct, 2009

It seems in Boulder we have been waiting all year for it to snow. There have several false starts to our snowy season, but its been light at best. Until now. The social network has been all a twitter with updates about the snow. All the discussion was getting me pumped to get out.

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Sandrock: Don’t take our open space for granted

Posted on27. Oct, 2009

With the deadline to mail in ballots for the Nov. 3 election nearing, it seems appropriate to pause and give a shout out to those far-sighted folks who got Boulder started on its open space acquisition.

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