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The ColdestBoulder 5k race results

Posted on08. Dec, 2013

The 2013 ColderBoulder was earned its name again this year with the coldest race to date recording temperatures from -5° to 5° at race starts. Photos and results

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Trail Report for Mid-January

Posted on22. Jan, 2013

Despite the snow a few weeks back and the cold spell we just endured, many front range trails are in fairly great shape for running. Today I ran up the Mesa Trail from Chautauqua Park to the north fork of Shanahan Ridge, down to Cragmoor, north through the neighborhoods to connect with the Bear Canyon […]

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Winter Running Gloves for Smartphones and iPods

Posted on22. Nov, 2010

We are fortunate in Boulder and the plains of Colorado that running in winter time can sometimes mean running shorts and t-shirts even in February. But as this isn’t often the norm its nice to find a product that allows you to run with your iPhone, smartphone, or ipod touch or any other touch and keep your hands warm. Along come conductive silver gloves – Agloves.

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Runners stay warm in the Lafayette Oatmeal Festival 5k

January Races + Events

Posted on07. Jan, 2010

If the first week of January is any indication, a long cold winter still remains. But don’t let that get in your way for starting off the year in the right direction. Use these races, clinics and running groups to keep you motivated and sharpen your skills for the upcoming race season.

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iPhone + iPod Carrying Options While Running or Fitness

Posted on06. Dec, 2009

Recently I had a question on Twitter from @ColRunner about how I carry my iPhone while running. I do some testing of iPhone Apps and like to take photos along my running routes, so I need to have complete access to it. The simplest option I have found so far is just holding it in my hands. It can be burdensome at times like when I am trying to do some speed work or drills, so I have started some research on armbands and other options to use with the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry Storm or any other touch screen device. Here is what I know so far…

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Perhaps Winter IS Here

Posted on10. Oct, 2009

In the past few days we have had drizzly snow, then warm again and today meets with snow. There was enough of the white stuff to get everyone excited and lead to many great photo opportunities.

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