Adidas Boost: Midsole Technology Worth Writing About

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The adidas Boost comes in three colorways for men.

The adidas Boost comes in three colorways for men.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but with the adidas Boost, I instantly got a good sense of what I was about to put on my foot. It’s seamless TechFit ™ upper fit snug over my foot yet was still flexible. The laces are limited to the upper part of the foot, integrating well with the 3 adidas stripe styling and allowed more room for my forefoot to expand when running which I prefer.

But the hero of this shoe is in its innovative BOOST ™ mid-sole. I took them out for 6 mile run up Boulder Canyon on the bike path and dirt trail and back down again. The feel is springy and responsive, supportive, not mushy, providing more energy return due to thousands of foam capsules bound together through high pressure steam. It’s touted as performing more consistently than EVA foam without loosing its cushioning properties through the heat, cold and after countless miles with them.

But those were my initial impressions, so I asked training partner Kevin Groves who has been running in Boost for a while now. He has over 500 miles in them so far and says they feel like the first day he has run in them and expects to run another 500 miles or so in them. “They are very cushiony with just the right amount of firmness/responsiveness,” says Groves who uses them most for easy long runs and recovery days thanks to the cushioning. Despite that, he warned “its not gonna give you a faster run…there is no magic ‘spring’ action.”

Adidas noted to go up a 1/2 size for traditional fit, but I found they fit true most of my current running shoes.

Not that style should play a huge factor when buying running shoes, I like the eloquent simplicity of them. The adidas Boost comes in three colors for men and two ways for women. You can find them at your local specialty running store or online at

Do you have a pair or looking to purchase some? What do you think of them?

adidas Boost Men's Yellow adidas Boost Men's Red adidas Boost Women's Pink

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