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Revolution Running

On January 1st 2013, the BoldRunning training club will become Revolution Running. The BoldRunning club originates from the BolderBOULDER 10K race as its official training program, gradually developing into a year round club training for many other races.

In 2011 it was spun off by the BolderBOULDER management in order to fully reenergize the training club itself. It is now the training club of Colorado’s best known running store, Boulder Running Company and continues to operate as the official BolderBOULDER program every spring.

In true revolutionary style, it was the power of the people that gave rise to the new name after it was voted for by members from a short list, according to Director and Head Coach Ewen North. “We wanted a name that would reflect a new beginning, an independent direction away from the past and also a brand that would encapsulate the personal transformation our training programs lead to. It’s fitting that the Revolution name was the most popular” says North.

“We also feel our philosophies and methods are a little different from other groups and clubs in the area and that we tend to buck the trend. As in many revolutions, we are all about the people and their experience.” North runs the club with his wife Heather who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and one of the areas best known sports injury specialists at In Motion Rehabilitation in Boulder. Revolution Running will continue to offer year round training for anything from the 5K to the marathon, trail running, triathlon and now even ultra-running. Co-owner of Boulder Running Company and 1993 World Marathon Champion Mark Plaatjes plays an advisory role with the club and helps co-write training schedules for more than 25 pace group coaches to administer.

Revolution Running…Join the Movement!

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