Celebrate your training through #BolderSelfie

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As you prepare in your training for this year’s BolderBoulder, tag your photos with #BolderSelfie, share them through Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter and you could be rewarded with new Helly Hansen apparel.

Be bold! Be outrageous. Be inspiring. Show your running buddies. Show your favorite view. Each week the jury selected winner will be shared on online. The winners will receive sweet new Helly Hansen Apparel, the official apparel sponsor of the 2014 BolderBoulder!

Here is what you do:

1. Like them on Facebook, Facebook.com/BB10K, follow on Instagram @BolderBOULDER and/or Twitter @RunBolder
2. Share your photo and tag it #BolderSelfie
3. Share your name(s)
Optional: Include captions and Geotag if you want to share your favorite training route.


This week’s winner is from @Boco_Blondie

Here is mine, whats your #BolderSelfie look like?

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