Free Barefoot Running Clinic at Denver Chiropractic Center

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Denver Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jeff Stripling Presents:


July 13th at 6PM, hosted by Crossfit Conquer

Learn how to run and walk pain-free by trading in your expensive shoes for the ones you were born with — bare feet. Find out how to run barefoot safely and easily, how to transition from standard running shoes, why barefoot running can reverse injuries, and when is the right (and wrong!) time to use minimalist shoes. Whether you’re an experienced barefoot runner, someone who finds the idea of being able to Feel The World intriguing, or someone who just wants a few tips to be able to run faster and easier, you’ll enjoy this experiential hands-on (feet-on?) evening.Speakers include Invisible Shoes founder and elite sprinter, Steven Sashen, who along with Dr. Jeff Stripling will focus on improving running form, preventing injuries, and how to make running more enjoyable.

Crossfit Conquer @ 1137 South Huron, Denver, CO 80223

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