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While the warm weather of summer seems like a ways away through this long winter, training and racing in the heat will soon be upon us again. Keeping our core body temperature down during training and racing in the warmer months is key to better performance and recovering faster. I remember one typical hot and dry summer evening in August, and we had just finished running our legs off at the Pearl Street Mile. It was tough gasping for air through my dry throat which provoked a coughing fit. No matter how much water or sports drink I took in, I struggled with it for a few more hours. This is a pretty standard story for summer races in our state where not only is the oxygen sparse but the moisture is as well.

This lead me to start looking for a product to use during hot weather racing. I had heard stories of runners downing a Slurpee before such competitions to keep their core body temperatures down, but I couldn’t quite ever drag myself over to the 7-11 to try it.

I first found out about PowerICE at the 2013 Steamboat Marathon and Half Marathon as the company founders were handing out samples at the post race expo. Turns out they are a local Steamboat Springs company and after a brief conversation and a sample of the product I was intrigued. The frozen treat was just what I needed after a hard effort on a hot day.

PowerICE now comes in four flavors, Lime Kicker, Orange Blast and new Pomegranate Raspberry Rip and Grape Score which are all delicious and remind you of those ‘pops’ when you were a kid. They come in convenient little tubes that you can keep frozen until race time or consume post workout.

They are also a great for recovery, just as an ice bath can help to cool the body and aid in recovery, this does the trick from the inside out.

The Science

A frozen PowerICE can be consumed before, during or after athletic endeavors, and will cool the core temperature and enhance performance of athletes and those with active lifestyles.

It was first developed and tested in Steamboat Springs, CO for Children’s hospitals where sick kids often chewed on ice in order to help with their core temperature and to get fluids in.

In 2012, the International Journal of Sports Medicine reported on a study completed by the National University of Singapore that the “ingestion of an ice slurry before running is a practical and effective pre-competition cooling manoeuvre to improve performance in warm and humid environments.”

iRunnerBlog also found that ingesting a slurry drink before activity had similar performance effects as submerging the body in cold water before strenuous activity.

According to the PowerIce website, ingesting a frozen PowerIce before activity can increase endurance by 19%, and during activity helps regulate the core temp and after helps with speeding recovery.


Bottom Line

The Good

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Chock full of Electrolytes with 17mg of Potassium working together with 25mg of Sodium, helping the body maintain a proper fluid balance
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% vitamin C
  • Less calories than sports drinks
  • Delicious and refreshing

The Bad

  • I haven’t found anything bad except that I can’t get over taking one after a cold winter run, although I was assured that my core temp still goes up and Olympic Nordic Skier Todd Lodwick uses it all the time. Ok. No excuses.

Available at Runners Roost Denver, online or look for them at local races this year.



2 flavors of Power ice

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