Hudson Training Systems joins Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

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Over forty guests attended the open house at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine on Tuesday May 8, 2012 to celebrate their recent partnership with Hudson Training Systems. The evening served as an informal meet and greet with head coach Brad Hudson, coaches Benita Willis and James Carney along with the Human Performance team at BCSM.

During the reception, attendees mingled with friends, elite runners and coaches alike, while having the opportunity to chat and ask questions about the services BCSM offers. Some participated by taking the Alter-G treadmill for a test run, while others took the opportunity to have New Balance minimalist Anton Krupicka sign a poster for them.

After the reception, the party moved to the new Hudson Training Systems Clubhouse where Hudson introduced the concept of the newly formed club and how he hoped to see it grow.

Hudson, who has always had a very scientific approach to coaching opened with this remark,

“We are really excited about being part of The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team who can do the lactate, F.U.E.L. and blood testing. We really want to bring in the science of training, so that everyone can compete at a higher level.”


Hudson’s training principals are based from his own running experiences (2:13 P.R. in the marathon)  to learning from all the great running coaches starting Mark Wetmore of CU who coached him in H.S. to Franz Stampfl who coached Roger Bannister,  Arthur Lydiard,  Bill Bowerman, Bill Dellinger, and who’s biggest influence comes from Renato Canova and the Italian training system.

Hudson plans on using the facilities of the hospital to take the guess work out of training for individuals, how easy is their easy to how hard is their hard.

HTS will be coaching all levels of athletes from elites to developing runners to average runners who may be looking to improve their times or even just to finish their first marathon. “The key is to encourage fitness and a healthy lifestyle,” said Hudson “The same principals we use on elites, we bring to everyone else.”

Benita Willis reflected on the importance of a coach within her own career. When she won the World Cross Country in 2004 in Brussels she mentioned this about her own coach, “You need someone to talk you up before a race, need someone who knows you as a person to get that best performance. Even if its running a 4 hour marathon (or finishing one).”


After 2008, her career started going down. “Its not always smooth sailing, my career got really stagnant and I thought maybe I need to live somewhere else and train with a group,” said Willis.  She had been to Boulder before in training camps, so her coach at the time suggested that she connect with Brad, who since then has rejuvenated her career. She will be once again competing in the marathon in London 2012 Olympics for Australia.

Coach James Carney added “I want to create a very European style club, Doesn’t matter about ability or age. This is a great location, want it to be very social, have drinks, watch videos and create a community.”


The clubhouse, adorned by photos and memorabilia of local heros, will be open to team members who can relax and recover in an ice bath, sit in compression boots and use other recovery tools while watching classic running races on the large screen TV.

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HTS plans on building it’s membership by offering free group run sessions throughout the week. There will be easy runs on Monday mornings at 8:30 and Friday evenings at 6, track workouts on Tuesday nights at 6 and long runs on Sundays 8:30 a.m. from Coot Lake.

If you are looking for a group to train with or taking your own fitness to a new level, be sure to drop by one of their group runs or connect online at

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